Organize a private chamber music concert. Book soloists, duos or small ensembles to perform an acoustic set of chamber music where it belongs – the living room. Search by instrument, formation or genre (classical, jazz, folk) and book an artist starting from €80.

More art forms following soon...

About ArtRoom

In the Spring of 2019, Alexandra attended a chamber music concert at a classmate’s apartment in Boston. She was immediately sold: enjoying live music inches away from the musicians with a group of friends; this has to come to the Netherlands.

That same summer ArtRoom launched in the Netherlands as the perfect platform to empower artists to showcase their talents and to enable consumers’ increasing desire to gather unique experiences. The first project focuses on bringing chamber music back to where it belongs – the living room. So use ArtRoom to book a guitarist, book a violinist, book a pianist or book jazz musicians and organize chamber music concerts in your own home.

ArtRoom is a mission-driven start-up focused on connecting artists with potential customers, wishing to both increase remuneration for artists and expose more people to art by bringing it in innovative forms. Read more on our blog:

Simon Groot

Simon has 30+ years experience in the Dutch 16-17th century music scene. He has led over 200+ performances across Europe. In 2017, he received his PhD in Musicology from Utrecht University.

He advices ArtRoom on art and artist's experience


Alexandra Groot

Alexandra has spent 2.5 years as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and is currently an MBA student at Harvard Business School, focusing on entrepreneurship.

She is responsible for ArtRoom’s daily operations and scaling.

How it works


Found the artist of your choice?

Choose an artist from our database. You can filter by instrument, formation and/or genre. Hard to choose? Use the “Recommend me” button Contact the artist to agree on a date and time using the “Request booking” button on their profile, then confirm your booking in the messaging screen Control the event – invite and inform your guests, ready your home, listen and indulge

Note you will receive an email notification if your artist accepts your booking request, but not for individual messages. All communication must go through the ArtRoom platform.

Quality can be assessed in two ways:

Artist profile – all artists have the opportunity to upload information and videos to ArtRoom.

Customer reviews – previous hosts and audience have reviewed artists performances.


We recommend to schedule sufficient time for the artists to set up (at least 30 minutes). Artists often prefer to prepare themselves for the concert in a separate room. In case there is no such space available, inform your artists.

Typical concerts consist of two sets of 20 minutes, with a short break in between - but you can discuss this with your artist. Artists are asked to provide introductions about themselves as well as about the music they are playing to provide adequate context to your guests.

Inform your artists whether they are welcome to join drinks and bites after the performance to discuss the art with the audience. Read more on our blog:


ArtRoom allows artists to determine their own minimum compensation. Additionally, they may adjust their compensation per booking depending on concert length, location, etc. Artists thus might ask for a higher compensation to reflect travel costs. You are free to negotiate with artists. Prices are including taxes.

Hosts decide how they want to reward the artist: foot the full bill themselves or split the bill with their guests. Splitting the bill with your guests is a way to make it more affordable to organize an ArtRoom concert. In our experience, guests typically don’t mind contributing €15-20 to the artist.

Before the concert, ArtRoom will email a payment link that can be used by the host and/or guests to reward the artist. Hosts can easily distribute this link to their guests through WhatsApp, email, etc.

ArtRoom ensures the artists are paid and receive the full benefit of any additional tips paid by the host and/or guests. Note the payment includes a 10% service fee to ArtRoom.

Registration & profile

Currently only musicians can register as artists. We welcome all musicians that play acoustic instruments, in any genre or form.

For now, artists will only be able to add one act per email address. If you have multiple acts with which you would like to perform (e.g. both solo and duo), either create a new profile with a different email address, or provide these details in your description/act name

We highly recommend adding a clear description on the background and experience of the artist(s), the available repertoire(s) and any known restrictions on logistics (e.g. can only play in weekends, only in Amsterdam, etc.). Additionally, uploading video fragments by embedding YouTube videos is key to receiving booking requests.

Compensation & fees

ArtRoom allows artists to determine their own minimum compensation. You may adjust your compensation for each booking, e.g. to reflect travel costs. Your compensation must include all taxes.

Please be mindful of the following when determining your minimum payment

- Lower compensation levels often lead to more regular bookings

- Without reviews (upon starting), hosts might be more hesitant to pay a high compensation. You can adjust your standard compensation level at any time, as well as negotiate per booking.

- We charge a 10% service fee to maintain our platform and market to new hosts. You are welcome to increase your compensation to reflect this fee.


Hosts will reach out via ArtRoom messenger with a booking request. You can discuss date, time, place and payment before accepting or declining. Note you will receive an email notification for booking requests and confirmations, but not for individual messages.

We recommend artists to arrive at least 30 minutes before the concert starts to set up your instruments. Ask your host if you are able to prepare yourself before the concert and/or during the break in a separate room if desired.

Typical concerts consist of two sets of 20 minutes, with a short break in between. Other setups are possible in discussion with the host.

Brief introductions about yourself as well as about the music you are playing is highly appreciated by guests. A couple of example introductions can be found in the FAQ page for inspiration.

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